So many ways to learn Dutch

Hear it. Read it. Speak it. Write it.

Content and copy

You're good at what you do. Show it on your website, write a blog, send newsletters. Match your story with your clients' needs. Use the right words: theirs. Ours.

Vocabulary courses

Most language courses will focus on communication skills. That's great. But you know what? It's pretty hard communicating if you don't know which words to use.


Knowing the right words is great. Words are like people. Sometimes they go together well, sometimes they don't. Language is all about relationships.

In-company training

Nederlands Online is available for in-company training if you prefer to have a teacher to answer all your questions and give you the right feedback. Call us.

Distance learning

There's nothing virtual about distance learning. You are real, our teachers are real. Well, they may not have showered, but you won't notice. We love WebEx.

Complete courses

Our premium courses combine vocabulary, grammar and communication skills. We offer courses ranging from absolute beginner to efficient language user.

What People Say

What real people have been saying about Nederlands Online.

Bart – HB Accountants

Bart Huybrechts


“Bedankt voor de aangeleverde tekst. Deze vinden we dik in orde. Bedankt ook voor je professionele aanpak.”


Ramin Ciorbea


“I tried to study Dutch using language learning apps. What was missing was real feedback from a qualified trainer. I’ve found that here.”


Amaury Dujardin

Financial consultant

“I couldn’t find the time to take Dutch classes, as I am a busy consultant in financing. Nederlands Online solved that for me.”

I'm your man (if you're not selling candles)

I obtained a degree in linguistics at Antwerp University and I am a certified language trainer. I have been teaching Dutch since 2002 and I became a copywriter in 2014. I have a strong interest in cycling, I like Haruki Murakami and I love playing the trumpet. I am not particularly fond of candles.

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